What Some of the NFL Players Did On Summer Vacation

The return of football action continues to creep closer – less than 50 days to go before the 2017 NFL season finally kicks off. Everyone can already feel it in the air…even though the air is still amazingly hot in some places. But even the TV ads are bringing back, and placing brand new NFL commercials in spots, reminding everyone about the players with great names and those (yes, Odell, talking to you) with names that are still at the top of everyone’s ‘watch’ list because they tend to go a bit loopy every once in a while.

What is in the Water in New England?

The above are quotes made by the top echelon – the robotic twins, if you will, of the NFL

The NFL Looks at David vs. Goliath

This has been one of those odd football seasons where the facts given at the beginning

The Season Begins

Yes, it’s finally time to get down to some real business when it comes to the world of sports

49ers Bench Colin Kaepernick Before Facing Falcons

  49ers Bench Colin Kaepernick Before Facing Falcons By Burt Carey Three years ago Colin Kaepernick was the dream quarterback the San Francisco 49ers had been looking for. He led the 9ers to their first Super Bowl appearance in 18 years and came within a snap of winning. He nearly repeated the performance in 2013, […]

Bores & Snores Versus Great Football Heading to the Championship

  Bores & Snores Versus Great Football Heading to the Championship ~ Amy Lignor Okay…let’s be real honest here, people. On Saturday night when the Panthers went to Seattle, it seemed to be that everyone was taken back to Woodstock. Even though the Cowboys and the Packers game was going to be a supposed repeat […]

NFC Wild Card Games Offer Shock, Awe & Screams of Joy

NFC Wild Card Games Offer Shock, Awe & Screams of Joy ~ Amy Lignor When we speak about the NFC, are we speaking about the division that will once again win the Super Bowl no matter which team heads there? Well, according to most experts the NFC does have the best shot at holding the Lombardi […]

New York: A City That Showed Sports Greatness

New York: A City That Showed Sports Greatness ~ Amy Lignor As soon as you believe New York is down, the entire city stands up to prove you wrong. This is that city that houses history; this is that city that will provide you with ‘Patience’ and ‘Fortitude’ on the steps of the most incredible […]

The NFL Season Will Judge the Errors In Judgment

The NFL Season Will Judge the Errors In Judgment ~ Amy Lignor Well…we’ve got some winners and losers, to say the least. And we have some serious ‘buzz’ when it comes to a couple of ‘Huh?’ moments that have occurred.   We begin with the San Francisco 49ers, and the fact that Harbaugh (some say the best […]

San Fran 49ers Give Fans Some Memorable Game

  You know the old saying, “Stick a fork in it, it’s done?” Well, the Green Bay Packers have to be back at Lambeau Field freezing their butts off thinking…“Stick a Kap on it, it’s done!” Oh, yes…this young, inexperienced QB who was seen as nothing more than a fluke since mid-November 2012, not only […]